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Thursday, June 03, 2004

things that I like...

- deep discussions with people about things and issues that I understand and care about, especially when the conversation goes somewhere and doesn't just go in circles.
- just being around friends and hanging out.
- roadtrips.
- music; finding the right music for the mood that I'm in...
- living on my own, a.k.a. not in my parent's house.
- The Reason by Hoobastank
- going for coffee/whatever with a friend and spending countless hours just hanging out and talking about anything and everything and just enjoying each other's company.
- driving tractors and pickups
- girls that like/drive trucks
- carshopping
- holidays
- hanging out at the beach
- going to see the fireworks
- driving. especially driving my own car. and driving.
- friends that come to visit me when I have no vehicle to go and visit them.
- doing crazy things with your hair just because you can.
- playing guitars.
- my friends.
- campfires.
- the ocean
- traveling; seeing the world.
- singing.
- cowboy hats and ball caps
- Hess Village
- songs about what was and what could've been.
- cameras
- thinking about the countless hours spent wandering around a tiny kitchen, looking through a pretty-much-empty fridge and cupboards, debating whether we were actually hungry or not...
- coke & rye
- having a cigar out in the middle of some big 'ole quiet place with someone
- drinking straight from the bottle (J, that's such a good call...)
- being from the country, and being proud of it.
- working hard.
- late night rendezvous

and that's about all for right now... just some random stuff.

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