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Saturday, December 20, 2003

things are shaking in oxford county... or not

And wow, it's been a while. I finished up my first semester of university this past Tuesday morning when I walked out of the last exam I had to write, Art 103. I also took History 104, English 103, Geography 121, and Sociology 121 this past semester. Now I'm spending two and a half weeks at home, working like crazy. It's been alright though, aside from realizing that I'm a bit out of shape and feel it after a day of running around on my feet. I came home Wednesday afternoon and worked the rest of that day for my dad at the shop, and then spent Thursday and Friday working at Witview, just doing end of the season kind of stuff, so that now Hugh doesn't have anything significant to do until spring except to keep slugging away at cutting wood. Apparently he was glad to have me home, and I guess Dad was too, but then again, Mom's been telling me that he's been missing me all semester. They still aren't so sure how to take the fact that I really enjoy living on my own and don't come home every weekend like Matt and Brad do. Ah well.

I think I'm going to head, though. Have a goodnight, all.


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