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Wednesday, July 30, 2003

My Summer Has Wings

That it does... I can't believe it almost August already. The Balmoral Civic Holiday conference is this coming Monday, and in another few short weeks it'll be time for that occassion of a week of freedom from the oppressions of work, also known as Camp Tamarak. I'm looking forward to my third time round there, and it should be great. I know more people going there than ever this year, and I hear the speakers are great. I want to get up early every morning this year to go for the early swim, but I have a feeling those ambitions might be compromised by the comfort of my extra-long super-warm sleeping bag.

I received a letter from my future Resident Advisor at Redeemer, who is Dylon Nofziger. I've met him once before, when I was staying overnight at dorm 12 for En Route last November. I'll be living in dorm 3 this coming year, and I'm told Darren Sinke and Nathaniel Vandendool are also supposed to be in my dorm. I'm still wondering about who I'll wind up with as a roommate - hope its someone that I can get along really well with.

At Witview we started into the wheat field today, but it was a bit green underneath towards the middle, so the combine had to stop about a third of the way in. We still managed to get 3 gravity wagons down to the elevators, but they were only at 2nd grade level.

Still can't get over the fact that Laura is going to Ireland for an entire YEAR! I'm still crazyjealous, but glad for her. Ireland is definitely somewhere that I want to visit at some point in my life.

That's my speel for the night, I'm out for now -


Friday, July 11, 2003

weekend again

It seems like a long time ago since I got back from Vermont (this past monday), but I guess the weekend's just coming up now. Supposed to see my class again and go blading through springbank park..... we'll see how that goes.



Thursday, July 10, 2003


sometimes I just want to scream at myself.......

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