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Friday, January 31, 2003

Some thoughts


No, no, not that creepy psycho elevator music that they played in the thirties and so on, but just the topic in general. I sorted through all the mp3's I have on my computer the other day, and came across some old stuff I had d/l a long long time ago. Ever hear of anything by a guy called My Friend Steve? Got a really good song called All In All. There's a group called Atheneum that was a bit of a one hit wonder a few years ago... they released a song called What I Didn't Know which did half-decent on the charts for a while. They're both worth checking out.

Gotta Love Study Hall, eh?!

Ah, yes, the boys of the twelfth grade at PRC all happen to have a spare during the last period of the day. All 5 of us. Combine that with a brand new school building that we've been in for less than a month, and lots of mischief and mayhem is bound to occur. Let's just say so far we've enjoyed the lax rule of teachers while they're busy working and we're busy casually working through a bit of homework and doing other crazy stuff. Like finding out it IS possible to get into the ceiling from the guy's washroom. Loving those metal I-beams, eh nick? And that flat roof on the school is always convenient, too. Hopefully PRC will be a little more interesting in the spring and early summer when there's actually supposed to be some grass on that big field out back there.

Happy POETS day, best of wishes,


Wednesday, January 29, 2003

Semester 2 in Full Force

Back to the Grind

So now begins the heavy workload. Mr. V started a little more into advanced functions today, so I'm going to have to work hard to keep ahead in that class. 'twill be interesting. I'm starting to get interested in my Family Studies course - there's a really.... let's say interesting... book entitled "Her Hand In Courtship". The opening chapter is doing a really good job of mocking the dating system that much of North America adheres to. Don't know the personal stance that will be presented exactly, but it's looking like a good read.

catch ya later,


Monday, January 27, 2003

Of School, Work, and Laya

Well, all those exams and ISU's from my second-last semester of highschool are done. One more semester to go - filled with the continuing Bible 12, Advanced Functions and Introductory Calculus, Individuals & Families in A Diverse Society, Studies in English Literature, and.............. SPARE! Yes, I finally managed to score my first and only study hall in highschool. Which will, of course, be spent alongside Nick Faber for most of the time. Talk about entertainment, eh? Should be an interesting semester.

I spent the majority of today working in my parents business (a.k.a. Miedema's Meat Market, yes a butcher shop). It's not that bad of work, but it's always a bit of an encouragement to get an education and get into something else. I've done that for too many years already (7 years working regularly, and 2 working occassionaly). I know too much about that business already, and I'd like to get into something that holds more of my interest.

I spent the last few minutes while I was writing this talking to a good friend of mine, who requested that I write something about her for my website. So I'll give a bit of a sketch of who she is for the time being. This girl's name is Laya, and she's a really great person to talk to and hang with, and she always keep things interesting, whether it's by being on pictures pretending to pick noses, or being a matchmaker. She goes out with a great guy named Josh, who is working his way towards becoming a teacher. Josh is also a lot of fun to hang out with, and is completely infatuated with "the better half". Josh drives a white Honda, but sadly, it's performance is on par with my set of wheels (yes, that bad). I think it has something to do with street racing in a place called Woodstock (note: Josh is from the great metropolis of Woodstock) and backing into large concrete poles. Could be the damage from loud sound systems too. ah well.

good evening, good night, cya later.


Monday, January 20, 2003

Fully Licensed

So I was sitting downstairs in front of my computer, and my sister comes running downstairs to tell me that I have to go upstairs and check my mail. Getting really nervous that it might be something in regards to my university applications, I took my time going there. However, it turned out to just be my G driving license finally arriving. On the topic of life after highschool, though, I get really nervous when I start thinking about it. I applied to some places, but maybe it's just me but I worry about whether I'll get accepted or not. It's kind of crazy, waiting to find out where you're going to be in less than a years time. Any thoughts on it?


Sunday, January 19, 2003

It's a COLD One Out There!

Whoever said being Canadian means sacrificing limbs so that you can play hockey outside?? I don't know who, but it sure got awfully close tonight. I was out at the Markus' playing hockey on their rink, well, at least until I was sure my toes and fingers were ice. The 3 on 3 lasted for about 45 minutes. Then we decided to catch the last few minutes of Gone in 60 seconds before eating Mrs. Markus out of house and home. Good times, though... We packed a huge pile of people into their basement. One question though - I wonder how often that carpet gets cleaned? I hope after every time they invite the rest of woodstock YPs down...

good evening,


Friday, January 17, 2003

The "E" Word

We've all had to put up with at one time or another. Or will end up facing it sometime. Exams. Talk about venting, but all the frustration is insane. I know I can't wait till they're over. ahhhhhhhh well. I spent today in a state between studying and playing Lord of the Realm 2 (how ancient! It's addictive) and talking to some friends online. Tomorrow should be a little more interesting, what with going to work and all. I'm told it's going to be cold.... time to dig out the insulated coveralls. Now I sound like a hick...



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